INSPIRATIONS…how they began

“Inspirations are personally made plaques made in honor of the recipient. The meaning of each name is researched, then I add scriptures that correlate with the meaning. Inspirations are completed through the inspiration of the Lord. Each one individually made…even if they are the same name, no two are exactly alike, for the Lord has unique messages for each person.

The first Inspiration was made 18 years ago. It was given to a friend. He was feeling discouraged, and I wanted to bless him. The church I was attending at the time made a big emphasis on the meaning of names…something I had never thought much about until then. I started with my friend’s name by finding the meaning of it. I searched through the Bible for scriptures that correlated with the meaning of his name. By the time I was finished searching and writing, it was 9 pages long.

Not long after that, another friend was having a birthday. I remembered how I enjoyed searching and writing the previous Inspiration and therefore decided to make another gift. However, this one was made shorter, printed on nice stationary and framed…such as the ones you see here on the site. Through the years, I continued to create Inspirations as the Lord laid it upon my heart to do so. Each time, those who gave or those who had received would come to me and tell me confirmations about what I had written…one example follows:

When my oldest daughter was in 2nd grade, a classmate was having his birthday party at school, so I made him an Inspiration. I had never met him, I had just seen him a few times at the school.
While writing his Inspiration, I wrote about him making sure he doesn’t procrastinate, and that he keep himself focused on the will of God. I continued on to write that procrastination could lead him to miss some important things that God has for him. A few days later, his mother came to me and said that procrastination was the biggest problem they had with him!
I was blessed that God used me in such a wonderful way.

My passion is to be able share God’s word with everyone I come in contact with. I want to inspire people to be all that God has called them to be. The best way for me to do this now, is through writing. Each time I create an Inspiration, I learn more about the Love, Peace, Grace, and Power of God. He is AMAZING…WONDERFUL!

(c) inspirations.inspirations


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